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      Pay-Send BV was established in 2017. We are growing at a very fast pace by professionally matching the needs of the employee with the expectations of the employer and vice versa. We operate in the horticultural, logistics and product sectors and are rapidly expanding into new markets to meet the demands of more qualified personnel. Those employed by our company can count on a Dutch contract, all allowances, and commuting reimbursements.


      We are affiliated with the NBBU, so our employees are covered by the CAO collective bargaining agreement. We are SNA certified, guaranteeing the highest level of service.


      Are you looking for a job that fits you, but is it difficult to find the right employer? Pay-Send is happy to help you!

      We at Pay-Send work with companies that are specialized in different sectors, such as: horticulture, logistics, technology, industry, etc. Our partners offer challenging jobs where you can develop yourself. We regularly speak to new employees who are looking for periodic work, solved! We work with many companies that, in addition to long-term employees, are also looking for new toppers for the peaks and troughs! There is therefore sufficient employment in various sectors… Our knowledge and connections in these market sectors make it easy for us to find the company that suits you. Once employed within a company, we remain involved in the collaboration between you and your employer.

      Who are we looking for?

      We are looking for enthusiastic, inquisitive and motivated people! The companies we work with are constantly looking for new and flexible talent. Are you interested in positions such as production employee, manager, warehouse employee, or order picker? Then quickly check our open vacancies! Are you looking for a job where you can roll up your sleeves and get started right away? Then we would love to see you on our floor!

      Applying and then?

      1 You respond to a vacancy, call us, or fill in the registration form.
      2 You will receive a response within 1 working day. (If you call us, we will make an appointment right away!)
      3 We look forward to seeing you at our office for our first introductory meeting.
      4 Match? Welcome!

      Have you already become enthusiastic about coming to work at Pay-Send?

      Then apply soon and we will see you at our office soon!


      Seasonal work, extra set of hands, or do you need long-term support for in horticulture, logistics, technical work, industrial work, or another sector?

      At Pay-Send we are specialized in temporary staffing within various industries. We work with a broad network of motivated employees, who can be deployed quickly. From production employees to shift leaders, just ask! Having knowledge of your company and being involved with our employees is our starting point for creating a strong employment relationship between employee and employer.

      What do we do?

      We match the right people to the right company. In many cases, we hold an intake interview with both the employees and employers to ensure a good match. When it comes to an employment relationship, it doesn’t stop for us. We remain interested in how the cooperation on both sides is going.

      Why staffing?

      As an employer, have you ever dealt with peaks in the market and is a recruitment procedure for new staff too time-consumer? We got you! The demand for flexible employees is enormous. Seasonal workers, extra sets of hands, and long-term support are always welcome, we know that better than anyone! Scaling down is also important during the seasonal stop or periodic work, no problem at Pay-Send! This is why temporary workers are the solution if you are looking for flexibility and strengthening your team. If you choose Pay-Send, all employer risks lie with us. You do not run any financial risk, such as long-term absenteeism due to illness and dismissal procedures. This gives you room to focus on your business operations and new staff.

      Why Pay-Send?

      We look for the right employee who fits your company and vacancy. In busy periods we anticipate effectively to provide your company with extra staff quickly. We find a strong relationship between Pay-Send, the employee, and the employer extremely important. That is why we are deeply involved in getting to know our employees and employers. We use our knowledge about your company and the industry in which we specialize to find the person who best fits your vacancy. If you choose us, you choose flexibility and involvement!

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